These are motion studies that examine how a methodology has an effect on interpretation. To quote the feminist scholar Donna Haraway, It matters what matters we use to think other matters with. It matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with.” In physics this is called the observer’s effect on the observation.

in the museum series
in the museum series
2021-07-10 14.45.51-1
do you know your neighbor series
Invasive species series, part 1
people terrain
people terrain series, part 1
2017-11-09 12.42.24
people terrain series, part 2
roadside series
vehicular snake
Invasive Species series, part 2 (car snakes)
2021-04-24 11.25.34-1
Flora series
in plane view
in plane view series
subway series
Carl's Long Reach (2)

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Detour below: initially a pandemic coping mechanism and now a recurring practice, Always Already is my garden rhapsody.

2022-07-14 23.26.08 12x17half
Always Already