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do you know your neighbors
Invasive species (cars compressed)
Invasive species, part 1
2022-04-06 13.01.34 Vestal Virgin
In the museum
always already
Always already
People terrain, part 1
people terrain
People terrain, part 2
In plane view
car snake
Invasive Species, part 2 (car snakes)
following you
Following you


Full Chronology

2017 Indecisive moments
Plane view
Car snakes renamed Invasive Species —ongoing
Cars compressed

2016 Indecisive moments
In the museum

2015 Indecisive moments
Following you

2014 Indecisive moments

2013 Sharing Everything With You
Mohonk garden
West Hampton Beach
St. Catherines, Ontario
Train x-ings

2012 Sharing Everything With You
How to get into the Hamptons, contact sheets
Platform people
Paris – Cahors
Scott, Cotte, Ternisien
NYC – DC, 3dpi
NYC – DC, 1 dpi
NYC – PA, 1 dpi
PA – NYC, 3 dpi
Mohonk Trees
Maple Leaf train

Online projects
These are unfortunately no longer fully functional:
2001 Open Source Jerome Foundation/ Walker Art Center grant
1999 killer @pp ~ it’s all talk archived version; originally commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Art New Media Centre, London
1998 Map the Gap, (no longer online)
1997 Vertical Blanking Interval; collected by SFMOMA
1996 Enclosed Caption Viewing (no longer online); Gallery

1994 A Word From Our Sponsor

1993 Uncontaining

1991 Portrait As Package

1989 Obscure Cartons of Desire