This Roadside series is a conversation in which our habitat has something to say. I hold the iPhone like a microphone and the panoramas do the talking.


This process is much more like a harvest than a shoot. Ceding control to the camera enables me to take in the view without staring at a screen. Not unlike commonplace attitudes towards our environment, detachment can be tranquilizing —also worrisome, especially if it reflects an indifferent or neglectful disregard. Here I look for emotional payback in this playback. This process delivers glitches and gotchas that take part in and convey discord. The noise in what we see is carrying an important part of the signal.

2021-10-01 13.44.33

In effect, it’s parallel to our irresponsible affect on our surroundings. It’s past time to take stock and take care of the consequences. It’s rapidly (or already) approaching the brink of too late.