Involvebias is an anagram of my name.

My work critiques contemporary culture and technology, with a focus on the politics of the everyday.

Departing from the chronophotography pioneered by Étienne-Jules Marey, with an oblique nod to Cartier Bresson and the uncertainty principle in physics, I am currently exploring extended-play snapshots of daily life in a project called “Indecisive Moments”.

In the broadest sense, “Indecisive Moments” examines the effect of the observer on the observation. In a more narrow frame, it’s an unexpected visual audit of circumstance and context.

The method is gestural, hand-held digital photography. Either the camera and / or subject are in motion, not all parts are recorded at the same time, and the result is a still image representing multiple moments.

This approach visualizes destabilized points of quotidian views. The photographs show fragmented perspectives of our surroundings, ambiguous representation of nature, and unstable fluidity in our perception of the commonplace.

As recent research suggests, consciousness is not a stream but a continuous sampling, i.e. the human brain experiences the world in pulses, like the frames of a film. One’s visual understanding depends, in part, on the suspension of disbelief binding the frames together.

It turns out that still photography replicates this quantization in several ways. Downsample a photo and the closer you look, the less you’ll see. Create panorama fails to see destabilized points of view.

For others mining a similar glitch vein, see the photographs of Lee Day, Michael AwadCoryn KempsterTori Foster, Esmond Lee, Jules Spinatsch and video by Henning Marxen. Golan Levin points out the slit-scan tag on Flikr, and has a terrific, chronological,  ongoing catalog of slit scan work:

Levin, Golan. An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks, 2005-2015. World Wide Web:

Also, possibly of interest The Math Behind the Rolling Shutter Phenomenon and Playing detective with rolling shutter photos.
Let me know if you find others.

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