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Invasive Species re-visualizes cars as creatures—feral, grotesque, inscrutable. Consider it conceptual documentation. It’s also a record of nearly every car trip I’ve taken since 2014. When I’m in a car, I shoot cars.

2016-09-02 15.45.42
Untitled (2016-09-02 15.45.42)
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2018-11-25 11.12.27
Untitled (2018-11-25 11.12.27), 2018
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To be clear, the gas-powered car is an Invasive Species that we introduced and have allowed to aggressively consume, pollute, and dominate where and how we live. While they remain a prominent excuse to stay reliant on fossil fuels they mask the power and greed that corporate profit holds over the situation. As is, these beasts are a considerable vehicle for disaster. They get us from place to place, but where are we really going? The environmental impact of the status quo is dire. We are fossil fuel-ish.

Invasive species (cars compressed)
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Untitled (2021-11-20 10.46.57)
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cars compressed
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Ask why public transit plans are sabotaged by the likes of the Koch brothers whose extraordinary wealth is dependent on the sale of petroleum products.

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This series is ongoing.