VIVIAN SELBO Interactive Design


Slate 2015

Design director for The Slate Group: Slate Magazine and The Root, 5/2006 - 8/2015.
Directed all things visual in the company: data-driven design of the sites, newsletters, apps, photo editing, visual strategies in social media, e-books, event collateral, specials features, and ads. Contract negotiation for all of the above, included.

The fully responsive sites used Adobe's Experience Manager content management system, Jira for editorial and dev project management, and Slack, email, and face-to-face conversation for internal communication. Omniture, Chartbeat,, and Crowdtangle formed the data analytics tool-kit.

UCSD Visual Arts Department of Visual Arts, UCSD, 7.2005, site development and information architecture with back-end development by clem and co. This site is built with a Drupal open-source software as its content management system. Drupal allows all department members and staff to easily publish, manage and organize a great variety of content on a their website.
Produced with Yun Joo Shin and Drupal installation and customization by Clem Paulsen

PBS\POV Borders Borders: Migration, the first segment of an episodic virtual series for PBS/P.O.V., their first stand-alone virtual production.
Produced with Yun Joo Shin and Marc Antony Vose

Please enable Flash and Quicktime plug-ins, and turn on sound. Also see the archived trailer for the series

Viralnet Viralnet, online journal for the Center for Integrated Media at CalArts
Flash navigation built on code by Jared Tarbell, with site implementation by Doug Goodwin. It has since been redesigned.

ReStructured Screen Restructured Screen, an online forum for Eyebeam, NY and Center for Integrated Media at CalArts.
Produced with forum implementation by Richard Chung. No longer online.

BAM Under_score Under_score: Net art, Sound and Essays exhibited the work of nine Australian artists, part of the Next Wave Festival at BAM.
Produced with Carl Skelton

Conversations with Contemporary Artists, MOMA MOMA, Conversations with Contemporary Artists, presented audio and text excerpts of three artists' conversations, along with images of the artists' work and the works from the collection they discussed.
Shockwave programming by Ainatte Inbal. (Audio no longer functional)

Crossfade 'Crossfade~ Sound Travels on the Web' site interface design. Crossfade presented audio projects through essays and artworks. It includes seven projects overall with four designed by Selbo, in addition to the site interface. Crossfade is a co-production by SFMoMA, ZKM, the Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, and the Walker Art Center.
Please enable Flash plug-in for viewing. Produced with Carl Skelton

Crossfade: Jujikan Crossfade: Atau Tanaka's "Ju-jikan: 10 Hours of Sound from Japan," 9.24.01, the first in a series of virtual CDs, with liner notes and audio. Sound is sadly no longer available. Please enable Flash plug-in for viewing.
Atau Tanaka, James Williams, and Selbo design; Selbo Flash and HTML production, with audio by the artists, MP3 compression by Asphodel, with streaming via Swift-MP3, MP3 player code by Den Ivanov, Cleopatra Art Group, plus invaluable advice from Michaël Samyn. This project was produced with collaborators working in San Francisco, Paris, Belgium, Russia, and New York.

33rpm foreword Crossfade: Laurent Dailleau: 33rpm ~ 10 Hours of Sound from France, 09.06.03.
Sound is sadly no longer available. Please enable Flash plug-in for viewing.

Crossfade~Samartzis Crossfade: Philip Samartzis: Variable Resistance ~ 10 Hours of Sound from Australia, 09.10.02.
Sound is sadly no longer available. Please enable Flash plug-in for viewing.

sound archive 07.01-07.31.01 Crossfade: Stephen Vitiello's "sound archive 07.01-07.31.01"
Produced with Shockwave programming by Tim Gardner/CodeHorse.
Sound and interface are sadly no longer working.

IMAP Independent Media Arts Preservation, serving the field of independent media arts with preservation resources, information, training, and advocacy.
No longer online.

Internyet Internyet, the second online journal for Museum of Modern Art, NY MoMA curator Barbara London as she delves into the underground art world of Russia and Ukraine searching for innovative media artists accompanied by F.D.P. Henryz, her aide-de-camp, who provides audio, visual and technical assistance on the journey, in 1998.

Stir-Fry Stir-Fry: A Video Curator's Dispatches from China for Museum of Modern Art, NY now archived at the Walker Art Center. An online project that features daily reports from Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Video, as she traveled across China, meeting with media artists and seeing their work. Her dispatches include written journal entries, photographs, and audio and video interviews.
Produced with Ainatte Ainbal and Cherise Fong